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I am still very happy that i did the program at the SMB desk.

Jörn F. - ( Germany )

My name is Jörn. I studied Finance & Economics at the London School of Economics. My professional background is the asset management business where I developed skills in portfolio management for more than 6 years. One good trade was the book that broug

Very fortunate to have found SMB Capital and their training programs!

Shawn Shahroozi - ( California )

They helped me built a solid foundation which without I would be lost on this journey.
Mike and Steve, thank you both so much for all your efforts with your postings, videos and mentoring. They help immensely. Myself and all the people who view them are in debt to you.
I highly recommend SMB training to those who are serious about improving as a trader and willing to put in the work.

It has helped me greatly in striving to be better every day on every field.

Simon G. - ( Venezuela )

For me the trading program was great, extremely comprehensive and helped me cohere several stray concepts that I knew a bit of like TA, Tape Reading, Meditation & Visualization, Journaling, and, has helped me greatly in striving to be better

Anyone who is serious about becoming a trader must consider SMB Capital.

Stuart Miller - ( Louisiana )

Before I started with SMB, I attempted to trade on my own for 2 years. I got to a point where I was sick of losing money, and I needed some real guidance from professionals on how to become a consistently profitable trader in the market.

I never felt more confidence with my trading

Alexei Popow - ( Paraguay )

I am Alexei Popow from Paraguay, I have finished the training program and I never felt more confidence with my trading, I wanted to say goodbye last week but you were on holidays. I think the training program you have created is definitely the best in the ...

They practice what they preach, and what they preach really works.

D. Heng - ( Toronto )

I traded for about a year, and I made my money mostly from just one strategy. My trading results were okay. They weren't terrible but they weren't exactly good either. Eventually, the constant changes in the markets eroded my profits and made my strat...

The program is very intensive and thorough.

D. Johnson - ( Idaho )

As someone who had been a trader for 11 years, working on a regional exchange on the West Coast, working for a trading desk and trading my own money during those 11 years – I knew that when I got back into trading I needed some more arrows for my quiver...

SMB didn't give me the fish, they taught me how to fish.

A. Kats - ( Milwaukee )

SMB Capital equipped me with the fundamental core trading skills necessary to navigate present and future equity markets. Before training with SMB, I had exposure to chart reading and technical analysis via books, internet forums, and desktop capture ...

You are assigned an experienced mentor to help you review your trades.

J. Castellon - ( Miami )

SMB Capital has one of the top training programs on the street. They are a reputable firm known all around the proprietary trading industry, I know this because I have spoken with other traders from different firms and when tell them I was trained at SMB

Now I am devoting more of my time to trading.

V. Martindale - ( California )

I would like to share some of my experiences and thoughts in taking your course. First of all, just a small bit of my personal history. I have studied the markets for the past six years on and off as my schedule allowed. My graduate work ...

The One Good Trade structure helped me select the trades that work best for me.

L. Borges - ( San Diego )

Since I was young I had the desire to get involved with the stock market. The idea of fortunes being built or lost in a matter of hours fascinated me. I graduated with a degree in Finance and tried to work at a financial management and advisory company...

The best way to look at the market through the eyes of an experienced trader.

V. Valchev - ( Bulgaria )

Finding someone to teach me how to trade was a bit of a "Catch-22" situation. The real traders were too busy making money and frankly, why would they be wasting precious time, even if they were willing to mentor me.

SMB was the only firm that was really committed to the learning process.

L. Torres - ( San Diego )

After I read several books on trading I decided to open my own account. It didn’t take me long to find out that I wasn’t properly capitalized and that I didn’t have an edge. So, I decided to find a firm that would teach me the craft of trading...

The tape reading skills that I have learned are amazing.

A. Tisher - ( Washington )

Many solo traders read books and take courses and proceed to lose money in the money in the markets (I know I did!) I decided to get really serious and after some extensive research I determined that SMB had the best training program anywhere and I wasn’t...

Your course is far more comprehensive than I anticipated.

L. Kulla - ( New York )

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for such a well thought out course. I learned more about the correct methodology of trading at SMB Capital than previously struggling at other Proprietary tradings firms and so many day trading books.

Tape Reading in your detailed way was new to me.

M. Eickhoff - ( Germany )

Your course SMB Foundation is - let me use Gov. Schwarzenegger's favorite word - fantastic. I have learned a lot. Tape Reading in your detailed way was new to me. And even if I did not use the mentoring program and instead focused on the Futures

This really is the only way to go.

C. Vinci - ( Canada )

I had been searching for a trading training program for months and when I stumbled across SMB and their training program I knew that I had not only found a great training program but that I had also found a great trading firm. SMB is all about...

They've already figured out what a trader needs to know to become successful.

J. Jacobs - ( California )

The SMB training program is so absolutely complete from the beginning to the end. It gives you the fundamentals of trading, and with that information, a passionate, intelligent, and hard working trader can without a doubt become a success.

SMB Capital trains and retains some of the best Equity traders on the street.

J. Bliggenstorfer - ( Washington )

Professional traders have one thing in common: A unique skill set. Yes, talent is important, but without proper training and skill development, deriving a consistent income from financial markets is not possible. SMB Capital trains and retains some of the...

I welcomed the intellectual rigor that SMB demanded and I am a better trader because of it.

M. Howell - ( California )

There are many reasons why I recommend the SMB training program. First, the practice of reading the tape is quite valuable and is something of a lost art with modern day traders- but remember that 90% of those traders lose money! This gives you an edge...

I was amazed at the depth of information being taught.

J. Steele - ( Florida )

Before being introduced to SMB, I had taken several courses and read books on trading. The biggest thing that struck me after starting the SMB training program was the realization of how little I really knew despite my best efforts and how lucky I was to...

SMB has great technology for the remote trainee.

R. Kingery - ( Chicago )

SMB Foundation gives you the tools to begin to become consistent with your trading. The curriculum is very structured and organized, and doesn't leave you guessing. I was apprehensive at first since I would be doing all the training remotely and not in ...

You will only get out of the program what you put into it

D. Di Bernardo - ( California )

I have always been under the belief that you will never make it in the financial markets without an edge. After trading my own account for a couple of years trying out different styles, strategies, time frames, and even different financial instruments.

SMB has everything you need under one roof

B. Bottiglieri - ( Staten Island )

After a rough 9 years of being a union elevator constructor in New York City I decided I needed a new career. One of my very first jobs I had was on a help desk a Trading firm, but soon after I was hired, the company was bought out and they closed their...

Definitely worth the money!

F. Barnes - ( Virginia )

I wanted to take moment to express my sincere gratitude for opening your world (trading) to me. I recently completed the SMB Edge 5-week course and I must say this training course was absolutely phenomenal. Definitely worth the money...

I highly recommend SMB’s training program.

L. Luquis - ( Virginia )

I had been day trading for a year when I started the SMB Remote Training course, and wish I had signed up sooner. If you have a passion for trading, are persistent and willing to work hard, SMB provides a solid, well-structured curriculum that teaches ...

They taught me the information and skills necessary to become a successful trader.

F. Cuffaro - ( New York )

A little over two years ago I came across the SMB Training website and I liked what I saw; however I thought the program was too expensive. I decided to learn trading on my own. After a year of trading on my own I had not even come close ...

SMB Capital Training is fantastic!

S. Vaughan Merrick - ( New York )

If you are self motivated and want to learn how to day trade, SMB Capital Training is fantastic! The course is very well paced and the instruction is very complete. The instructors are active traders who are thoughtful, deliberate, insightful, and ...

SMB Training Program gave me everything to be constantly profitable trader

Kirils B. - ( Latvia )

About training program, I think this is the best training program, the best start point for everybody who think about trader career. 3 weeks ago company XXX gave me free 30 day online home study course also I tried audio feed of that company.